Thursday, November 5, 2009

Losing weight

Come on.  You know you've always wondered.

I have.

How much does each individual body part weigh?  Let's say you have your leg amputated in a horrible car accident.    Your poor leg, lying somewhere else without you - what's your first thought?  How much it weighs, right?

I can't be the only one.

So, you can imagine how eager I was to get my surgical pathology report.  Not to find out my cancer stage.  Hell, I'm not worried about that.  I want to know what my boob weighed.

A little morbid?  Maybe, but I know I'm not the only one.

Well, am I disappointed!  My path report came back, and my right breast was 386 grams.  Or, roughly, 13 ounces.

I was a C cup, people!  A full C!  Are you kidding me?

Not even a pound.  Huh.

Let this be a lesson to you - mastectomy is not an effective weight loss method.



  1. Wow! And me being less than a B cup (almost a full B with GREAT padding but more like an A- cup), I'd lose even less. Maybe I could have my butt amputated? A car wreck and losing your butt? Probably only if you get sued!

  2. One of the reconstruction surgeries is taking skin and fat from your butt to reconstruct your boob. (also your back and stomach - wherever you can spare it

    Naturally, they don't offer that to us pancake butt girls. I think my butt must weigh about 2 ounces.

    I think though, I'm done cutting off body parts, so we'll never know!


  3. Gee, I could be Dolly Parton and a few others combined if they cut off my butt and stomach (no back fat thankfully) - I could even maybe have FOUR boobs, like a cow! But I did volunteer to be your doner and still would!

  4. I have had lots of surgery and never lost any significant weight - how much does a uterus full of fibroids weigh? But please amputate my butt, thighs and gut!! I can spare 20 lbs.

  5. Well, crap, then what you're saying is that I need to diet.

  6. don't forget the fluids they pump you with during and after surgery - so all in all we end up gaining weight actually - so unfair! I lost two D-cup boobs and my path report said it was less than 4 lbs worth of tissue I think. Didn't matter though b/c the pain killers and the new cancer-fighting diet caused me to lose 12 lbs in the 2 weeks after surgery, only to regain about 8 of that in chemo-related water retention. ah the joys!

  7. Dang! I lost 7 pounds (3.5 pounds per boob) I have no idea what my cup size actually was - I'd been stuffing them into a D cup!

    By the way - I just found you and I have to say thank you! I am 3 weeks out from having a bilateral mastectomy and start chemo March 9th.


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