Thursday, November 5, 2009

Square One

Maybe it was lifting the gallon jug of milk that I poured on my cereal.  Maybe it was lifting the hind end of my poor old dog up.  He can't stand without help anymore.   Maybe it was the casserole dish I took out of the oven last night.

Maybe it was just because.

But, I'm back to square one in my pain control.  I can barely move today.  I feel almost as bad as when I got home from the hospital. 

Maybe a horse kicked me in the chest?  Could that have happened without my noticing?

I learned my lesson.  When they say don't lift anything heavier than a pound, they aren't kidding. 

I'm back to being debilitated.  My dog is back to being the same place all day.  No more cereal and my husband can get the casseroles out.   I'm not testing any limits from now on - it's way too painful.

There is good news.  I saw my plastic surgeon today and the seroma is gone.  I can take my bandages off, finally.  I will get my first "fill" (when he injects the tissue expander with saline) tentatively November 19th.  Then I'll have a budding breast again.

I hear that's uncomfortable too but I'll think about that later.  I need to get through tonight.


  1. Sorry to hear about your setback!

  2. :( I'm sorry you're in pain. It will pass. I did have days where I felt pretty good and then suddenly a day where it was just awful, followed by easier less painful days. In all, it took a solid 4-6 weeks to be rid of all the surgical-related pain for me (mine was bilateral with numerous nodes dissected and my tissue expander was immediately filled with 350 ccs of saline during the surgery)...but yes, follow the orders for restrictions as best you can to help the healing process along. Gentle, virtual hugs to you!

  3. Sorry to hear you are in pain today. I guess it is a sign to take things veeerrry slowly, though that must be frustrating. I have been kicked in the chest by a horse so I do know how that feels...sending pain-free vibes your way.


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