Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick note

Now that Christmas shopping season is right around the corner, I wanted to point something out to you.

Look over to the right -------------------------->

See that Amazon box right there? If you are going to buy anything from Amazon this holiday season - or anytime actually - and you use that search to find your item, I get 4% of the proceeds. It helps me, and doesn't hurt you. I can see what items are purchased but cannot see who bought them. So, if you have an embarrassing love for Pork Feet, your secret is safe with me.

Better yet, buy a kindle. You'll love it, I promise.



  1. okay okay okay! I was planning on going on Amazon anyway to buy my Grandson his birthday present (so convenient, they ship it right to him!) - I will do it from your blog instead of amazon directly :)

    Everybody wins. Grandmama is a superhero (I don't have to ship, baby gets present, BFF get 4% woo hoo!)

  2. I bought the bra you recommended, and I think I'll get a DVD of "Living Proof" for my Dad, if Amazon carries it.

    Have a good t-day

  3. Thank you both! I'm doing my own shopping that way too - now I get a 4% discount. :) I bought another of those bras too - I really like them. I hope you do too, Sue.

    I saw that movie. Kind of cheesy but interesting for us HER2+ gals.

  4. To Sue: I saw the movie a couple of years ago on Lifetime. Love it. (I know Ann) It is available on Amazon!


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