Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finally, MRI scheduled

It took a few more phone calls today, and some digging, but I finally got my MRI scheduled, for Tuesday the 15th. 

Since I still hadn't heard from the breast center, I called them in the afternoon.  They still didn't have my paperwork.  I called the doctor's office, and she swore she'd sent it.  I called the radiology company back, explained that it had been faxed to the number on the paperwork - and they gave me a different fax number.  I called the doctor's office, and gave them that new fax number, and she said she'd send it right over..  I waited 30 minutes and call the radiology center back, and finally, there it is.

So, I schedule my appointment for Tuesday the 15th. 

The day after I see the oncologist and 15 days after I saw the surgeon.  I'm sure we all thought my breast would be gone by now.

Why do I feel like all of this is happening backwards?  The oncologist will likely recommend chemo for me, but until I know exactly where the LCIS is, I can't decide what kind of surgery to have, so I probably should wait to see him until I get the MRI results.  But, I won't reschedule- it took two weeks to get this appointment.  And, my hope is to have chemo to shrink the cancer enough to have a lumpectomy (if it is in more than one quadrant) but until we know - I can't get an answer on that.

Anyway, now it's in the works.   Progress!

One of the PE teachers came in and brought me a teddy bear from him and his wife.  That was very sweet of them both, and it's sitting on my counter.

(For those of you who don't work in schools - I've found the PE teachers are generally some of the nicest ones of all.  Finding that out was quite shocking to me, remembering my own school experience with PE and teachers.  I spent 12 years absolutely sure they lived for nothing but to torture and humiliate nonathletic weaklings such as myself  - and now they give me teddy bears!)

Another teacher, who had been through breast cancer 3 years ago, gave me a Brighton bracelet that she wore when she was going through it.  It is designed for breast cancer patients, and it has charms on it that say "relax" and "heal" and the pink ribbon and other motivational sayings.  It's very pretty, as is she, and I hope that someday when I am cured I will be able to pass it along to another woman starting down the road to healing.

Actually, what I hope is I never have to pass it along to anybody.  I truly hope nobody ever has to wear anything like that again. 


  1. Hi, Ann - you wrote a kind reply to a post of mine on a cancer support site earlier today and I wanted to thank you again. I've been reading through your blog, laughing and crying along with you during your journey thus far. You're an inspiration (and an encouragement that cancer doesn't mean losing a goofball sense of humor - your blog posts have been cracking me up)!

  2. Hi Julia, glad you found the blog, and even gladder I was nice to you. Doesn't always happen. :)

    We'll be fine, you and I.


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