Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quest to Save the Breast

Dr.Raja called me today with the latest biopsy results.

Now, before I tell you what they are, let me say to those of you who come across this site because you googled "Dr. Thiru Rajagopol, Sacramento Surgeon"  - maybe because you've been been assigned to him by your insurance company and have no idea of his reputation, or maybe because you are researching surgeons because you can choose yourself  - well, look no further.  You can feel comfortable with him as your doctor.

Granted, he's not actually cut on me yet.  If, after all of this, I end up with two whole breasts and a missing leg, I'll come back and edit this post and change my recommendation.   So far (and this is a good thing), he has not lived up to the reputation of most surgeons:  he's caring, willing to hear my views and take them into account, and he treats me like a competent adult, able to make decisions.  Even though I don't have a medical degree.  (Don't tell his colleagues that, he may get in trouble.)  He calls me on the phone.  And, if he doesn't reach me at home, he doesn't just leave a message and then forget about me and go cut off a breast - he tries my cell phone.

That, my friends, is dedication.

So, what did he call me about?  I forget.  Oh yeah, my latest biopsy results!

Does she get to keep the boob or not?

I'm so tempted to make this a cliff-hanger.

Maybe I will.

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  1. So cruel Ann ;) I'll check in tomorrow for the next installment of Days of Our Boobs!


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