Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mammogram time

July 2009.

I work in a middle school, and the kids get out in June.  As you can imagine, it's one of the busiest times of the year for us.  As a school secretary, I have to plan for the ceremonies, the awards, do all the ordering, start planning for next year, close out many POs, pay final bills, etc.  It's a crazy time and I had no time to dwell on my breast lump.

I wouldn't have dwelled (dwollen?) anyway, as I was 110% sure it was another cyst.  When my cycle came and went with no change in the lump, I sighed, found the old mammogram order my doctor had given me 9 months back that I'd never gotten around to, and called to set up an appointment.

I told the guy on the phone I'd found a lump, and he asked me if there was any history of breast cancer in my family.  I told him my mother had been diagnosed recently but she was 77, and my understanding was that means there is no genetic correlation.  He agreed with me, smart boy, and set up a mammogram for August 7th.   I made this appointment in early July and was hoping I could take care of this before I went back to work August 3rd - but this was the best they could do, so I took it.

I spent July enjoying my summer off with my son.  We did all sorts of fun things together.  He's 12, and I know that pretty soon he'll be embarrassed at the idea of even having a mother, so I took full advantage.  With the exception of occasionally catching a glimpse of the dimple in the mirror and hoping they could drain the cyst immediately so my breast could go back to looking normal, I never even thought of the lump.

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