Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chemo Christmas Carol

Sung to the tune of "I'll be Home for Christmas"

I'll be bald for Christmas
Just you wait and see
Hair will fall, like glistening snow
As my follicles slowly flee.

Christmas Eve will find me
At the wig supply
Oh, I'll be bald on Christmas day..
'Til it grows

~~Adapted by JJ Hunt,


  1. Ann

    I have not heard much about how you are feeling. Deborah, my wife, started chemo a week ago and at worst, feels a slight flu, at best, tired. 9 days out and she feels almost back to normal. No bad tastes or other side effects. How are you doing?

    Rick from Boston

  2. I had chemo #2 yesterday. My stomach is affected a little more than last time but nothing terrible. No vomiting or anything, just feeling kind of hot. I'm up and about and have company coming over. I feel a little flu-ish too, but the appetizers will be made and I'm working on cooking up the egg nog now. :) Make sure she gets all her water she's supposed to take and eats high fiber. It really helps.

    No bad taste this round. I sucked on ice during chemo which I heard might help. I don't know if it did or not but no metal mouth yet anyway.

  3. Imagine this hairstyle. A ring of new curly gray hair surrounding an encampment of short original buzz cut hair that never fell out. That may be me in a few months.


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