Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 19 after Chemo - Hair falling like snowflakes

Somethings are hard to describe. So, with all this new-fangled technology we have, I thought I'd show you instead.

Be warned: the ending of Survivor 19 is mentioned in my video. If you haven't seen it yet - please don't watch:



  1. Nicely done Ann! BTW, you look fab! You can do webcam/video more -

  2. This was almost like actually meeting you Ann, to hear your voice and watch you talk after all these years of knowing you only through email. I would have MUCH better liked seeing a video under other circumstances though.

    You still look like you have a full head of hair at first glance, but it's so shocking to see how quickly and how much it can come out. I'm sure this video will help others understand and maybe then they won't be shocked.

    (Just wish there wasn't a reference to Survivor....haven't watched the finale yet - LOL)

    Dawn G (Jan group)

  3. ACK!!! DAWN!!!! I had no idea I'd give away a spoiler to any of my readers and friends......

    I'm so careful in most places too - having had TiVo for ten years I know better!!! I'm so sorry........I'd kill anybody who gave away the end of a show I wanted to see. I always turn off the radio on the day of Survivor or Idol, and don't check facebook in case somebody mentions it.

    I won't do it again and I'll edit the text so nobody who hasn't seen the show doesn't read it.

  4. Oh Ann the last thing I wanted to do was make you feel bad and I wish I hadn't mentioned it! No apology necessary!

    Besides, you didn't reveal the winner, you only revealed that someone didn't win - so there is still much to learn from watching it.

    Dawn G

  5. Ann-
    thank you for sharing your video, and your experience- After my scare, I have been following your blog- you are in my thoughts adn prayers daily-

  6. Holy CRAP. I now see what I have to look forward to (my first tx was 5 days ago). I know, it's just hair, but somehow it's hard to deal with. Thanks for the preview, and good luck with your buzz cut and next tx

  7. Every day the hunks get bigger and bigger. :) It's almost fun to pull them out, but I'm weird like that.

    I had to put a wrap on my head when I went out today because my hair looks so terrible and also to try to prevent it from falling on everybody. My first time out as a visible chemo patient. Nobody cut me any slack either!

    A buzz will be a relief at this point.

    Maybe I'll video that too.

  8. You're beautiful with hair and will be beautiful without it. :) I just finished chemo and so mine is startint to grow back and I look like a chia pet LOL :).

    1. OMG!!! Julie your blog just brought me my smile of the day. I too look like a chia pet lol... See gals even in the midst of adversity we must look for humor.


  9. Ahhhhh this brought back so many memories, the day it starts going is hideous, hideous, hideous - get rid of it as soon as you can, I shaved my head when huge clumps started coming out. But I finished my chemo in September and my hair has grown back really quickly, I stopped wearing scarves about a month ago so rest assured it really will come back and it happens quicker than you think. Got full eyebrows and recently had enough lashes for mascara. Granted I'm now rocking the militant lesbian look but I'll take that over shiny head any day. Good luck to you, kick this mo'fo's ass ;o) FJP xx

  10. When it started to happen for me, I was no where near able to show it on video. You are remarkably poised here. Thanks for sharing what I could not.


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