Friday, December 11, 2009

When it pours...

My cat, Packet, passed away today - she had cancer.

It was only a month ago that my dog, Fudge died. He was 13 and huge and had bad hips. But, Packet was only about 12 - she was a rescue so we'll never know.

When we were looking to adopt a cat, I saw her. She was a medium/long haired cat, black, like my other cat Pixel. I picked her up and she settled in immediately into my lap, purring. She stayed there for the next ten years. She was always my cat - she slept on my back at night, sat on my lap during the day. I often though I should have called her "stalker" because wherever I was, so was she.

She even got my disease.

We had thought she had a tooth infection. Removing the teeth was going to cost $700.00, which is a lot for us right now. So we decided to give her antibiotics and see what happened. She got worse and worse. Her eye started leaking and swelling and I figured the abscess was going into her head, so we decided to remove the teeth and deal with the costs.

But, they told us this morning that it wasn't teeth after all. It was a form of cancer called fibrosarcoma and even with chemo and rads, she would likely die.

So, we let her go - snuggled on my lap as always.

It's been a difficult few months. And now, the animal who gave me the most comfort and who was always with me is gone.

Cancer took her.

But, it won't take me.


  1. I'm sorry for the loss of your four-legged family members!

  2. Hey Ann - I lost my cat just after I started chemo - but thankfully she came back. I was obviously upset that she had disappeared - but what got me was how much bad luck can a girl take. Sorry to hear your news.

  3. So sorry for your loss.

  4. I'm so sorry about the loss of your beloved cat. You've been through a lot, but your courage and strength are amazing.

  5. sorry for your loss Ann. my heart is with you

  6. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this, and so sad for you. I know how important our pets are always, but especially when we're facing challenging times. :( May your precious Packet and Fudge both rest in peace. I thank them both for bringing you such comfort and joy during their visit here on earth. Hugs to you!

  7. I have "enjoyed" your sense of humor about your cancer, you have a great attitude! I have not been diagnosed but Dr Google and I have been very busy and I am sure it is cancer. I will find out Thursday I hope, I look forward to reading more post. Sorry to hear about Fudge and the kitty, so sad.

  8. Ann

    Really sorry to hear about you companion. We lost our dog in April, and would love to get one as my wife starts chemo tomorrow, esp for the comfort. That being said, too difficult to train / chemo at same time. Good luck - your attitude has been great, I am sure you can pull yourself off the ground on this one. However - treasure the time that you had with that little guy!!
    Lastly - have not heard from you in a few days, I hope Chemo is treating you well. Keep me posted!

    Rick from Boston (Deborah)

  9. Hi all. Thank you for your well-wishes. I am fine, just busy with Christmas.

    Rick, you might check into your local greyhound rescue. I have a greyhound too - they come very well-behaved and they are wonderfully lazy dogs. Perfect for a cancer patient. Mine is still here and I hope he is for a long time!

    Tot School - good luck to you. I hope your cancer ends up being an easy one to deal with! Attitude is everything and don't let people tell you otherwise (and they will try).


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