Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was super-excited about today - the day before my chemotherapy starts - because I get to take a steroid. Actually, two: one in the morning and one later in the day. This steroid helps prevent fluid build-up around the heart and lungs and can also help prevent nausea in chemo patients.

Why was I excited about it, you might be wondering? Well, I hear that this medication can give you energy. People have reported cleaning their houses all day, not being able to sleep at night and still having energy left to do more the next day.

I want some of that.

Naturally, I put off all my household chores for the past couple of weeks, waiting for today. You would too, I know. Why not wait until you know you'll be working like a maniac anyway. No point in using steroid-induced energy cleaning when it's not even dirty, is my way of thinking.

So, when I woke up this morning with a serious sore throat, I was sorely disappointed. No steroid? No clean house?

No chemo?

As much as I don't want to do this chemo thing, I am mentally ready. I don't want to be put off another week. I can't get it over with until I start.

I called the oncologist to find out if I can keep my appointment. I believe that I probably just have the beginnings of a cold and it shouldn't make much difference, but I figured I'd better be safe - for both me and the other patients I may come into contact with.

Whew! The nurse said as long as I didn't run a fever I should be okay. Call them in the morning if anything worsens but so far, we are good to go.

So, I popped my steroid.

As I waited for it to take effect, I sat at the kitchen table and surfed the web, did some online shopping and bargain-hunting, forum posting, game playing. Every once in a while I'd check the clock, waiting for that energy surge that meant my house would soon be sparkling.

Three hours later, I'm still sitting.

Wouldn't you know, the one side effect I really, really want, I don't get.

I bought six wigs already.

Maybe that means I won't lose my hair.


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  1. It'll build up in your system over 24-36 hours and then you'll get that energy just when you don't want it - around 3am. Regardless of when you get it, I caution against the manic cleaning plans because everyone I know (myself included) that has done that has regretted it the next day or two or three after you stop taking the steroids and your body tells you how angry it is that you've done that in addition to the chemo effects (body aches) and neulasta/neupogen (bone pain) which tend to worsen over time, cumulative effects. Pace yourself :). BUT I will also say this - I love that you're looking that *benefits* of chemo - that's a great way to approach it and will definitely help you get through it.


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