Friday, June 11, 2010

How I am feeling

It certainly seems like the boob fairy is passing me by. My doctor canceled my Monday appointment. Which keeps his record going - they have canceled every single appointment I've had.

In fact, when they asked me to come in on Monday, I said I would but to please not cancel it, and they said they wouldn't.

And, they did.

I left a message and requested that he call me on Monday.

And, I think it's time to seek another opinion.


  1. Run don't walk to a new doctor. There is something wrong here. This is much too important to take chances. There could be lots of reasons, probably personal or financial, but you can't run an ethical, safe medical practice like he's doing. You deserve much much better.

  2. You must get yourself a new doctor! This guy is very uncaring and does not know how to run a successful practice!! Please take care, you are in thoughts and prayers.

  3. I agree with everyone else. All those canceled appointments are a sign. And it's not a good one.


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