Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yearly mammogram

Tomorrow, I have my first routine mammogram of my remaining breast since my mastectomy back in October.

I have to say, the word routine connected with anything to do with my breasts sounds wonderful.

I was going to wait until after my reconstruction surgery to have the test, but since that seems to be put off indefinitely, I decided to do it now while I'm off work.

I wonder if my insurance will get a discount for only having one side to do?

Many women fear these tests after their original traumatic experience, but I'm quite sure it'll be fine. I don't feel any lumps, and by now, I know what they feel like.

But, wouldn't it suck if the results came back as anything but benign?


  1. Prayers that it will all go well tomorrow, as I 'm sure it will! Yes, the words "routine" and "mammogram" do sound nice together, don't they?

    Enjoying reading your blog!

  2. Thanks Karen. I was in and out in half an hour - nice!

  3. You had better get everything at half price. I mean, they're only taking half as many pictures, right? Do they call it a "half-mam"? Seems like the trendy thing to do.

    It was really cool to meet you the other night IRL. I look forward to when we can chat again.

  4. How odd, after my mastectomy, I rarely even check my good ol' girl on my left. Poor girl's being neglected but now you just reminded me to do a self check on THAT side too.

    Ann, have a great 4th of July weekend, I know you mentioned it's a festive holiday that you enjoy!

  5. Ann, I am 24...but have already had a mammo! When I was 14 I had a tumor in the left chesticle, and had to have a mammogram. I remember cracking up as the frustrated tech kept telling me to hold still. Since I was only 14, there was not much boobie to be squished in the machine, and everytime I looked down to see what this contraption was doing, the whole boob would pop right out! Lol I thought it was hilarious, again the tech not so much. I guess little boobies don't behave as well under pressure, pun INTENDED! Btw, had a lumpectomy, and it was all clear!

  6. Oh yes, the fourth is my favorite holiday! I love sparkling things that explode!

    Yes, regular mammograms are important for us - cancer comes back and we have a higher chance than normal. I made the mistake of skipping mammograms once. :)

    Katie, I can't believe a 14 year old had a mammogram! And, thought it was funny. :) Working in a middle school I know lots of 14 year olds, and IMO, the common reaction would be tears or total embarrassment.

    Margaret, it was nice meeting you too. Thanks!

  7. Ann I have come to realize that I am weird!! The mammogram came after two days of 6 different doc's touching my bare chest, that part was most embarrassing! By the time the mammogram came, I was relieved that machine would be feeling me up and not another male doc. I also tend to deal with scary or uncomfortable situations with humor, so I know that played into it.
    ps my principal and vp knew what was going on, and called me Into their office the day before my surgery. They had bought me a pair of doc Martin boots!!! They also gave me a hysterical poster with funny descriptions of what a mammogram felt like. I remember one said it was like laying down in your driveway while someone backs a truck up over your chest!!

  8. Wow, what a nice school you went to! It must have been a small one. Our principal and VP do nice things for kids too but it's more along the lines of free ice cream. :)


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