Friday, June 25, 2010

Off for the Summer!

One of the joys of working for a school district is time off in the summer.  Unlike teachers, we Principal's Secretaries only get five weeks off.  My last day was yesterday - I am now free to enjoy myself until August 2nd.

What do I have planned for myself?

July 1st:  Mammogram.
July 7th:  Herceptin and Zometa infusion
July 12th: MUGA
July 27:  Plastic surgery consult
July 28:  Herceptin

So far.   

You could call it a hypochondriac's dream summer.

I'd rather go to Maui.


  1. oh hell, go to Maui. What if you postponed the MUGA and the plastic surgery consult and went away between the 7th and 28th??

  2. LOL @ hypochondriac's dream summer! Your schedule sounds as exciting as mine. =) Herceptin, blood draws, physical therapy, port removal and a CT scan (neck). I just had my last echo doppler this week. Yay! I'm sooo looking forward to NO appointments... at least for a whole month!

  3. i had my tissue expanders out last week and replaced with the gel implants, and got the awful portacath out, too. hang in there will feel like a new woman! just sorry you have to wait so long.

  4. "It was supposed to be the Summer of George!"

  5. July will be the summer of George. The only George I know gets that month off. :)


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