Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pink Power Mom

Now that I am a world famous blogger, I get people asking me to promote their stuff. Most I ignore - my intent is not to turn this blog into a spam outlet - but a few are worthy. So, when I was contacted with a way to honor moms with breast cancer who have tried to make a difference in the lives of others, I knew this was right up my alley. My only beef is the word "battle" in the text they sent me. Can we PLEASE drop that cliche?


Each year, Bright Starts™ honors and rewards eight women for their inspirational fight against breast cancer. Not only have these women persevered through their battles, they have become inspirational leaders and role models for their families and communities. Whether they have started their own breast cancer foundation or have taken on an active role in existing charity organizations, they have made it their goal to make a difference in the world. You can read about these women at (One of last year's winners was from Sacramento!)

Bright Starts™ wants to help these women and support their cause. They are inviting you to Become a Fan of Bright Starts™ on Facebook and Be a Giver. Through the month of June, Bright Starts™ will donate $1 for every new fan that joins them during the campaign to benefit Pink Power Mom charities. These moms will appreciate your help and support.

A bit later, I'll tell you how you can nominate somebody too. Now, go fan them!


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