Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things you only hear in Sacramento

I just heard a radio news person say, "Highs today will be only 98. It looks like our heat wave is over, at least for now."

Okay, I love me some heat, but even I never said "only" 98.

No doubt, it's summer in Sacramento. It was 112 yesterday at 11:00, according to a thermometer outside my house. Summer always been my favorite time of year, precisely because of the delicious heat. (And, also the tomatoes.) I never even minded that I live in an older house with no insulation, and my air-conditioning never cools it down below 85.

Until my life was plagued with hot flashes, that is.

Things have changed. Is there anything worse than very high heat and a hot flash? (Okay, maybe the chill you get after a hot flash ends and -20 degrees would be worse.)

They should have a hot flash heat index and publish that in the newspaper.

98 degrees today, but the HF index makes it feels like its 122. Get those fans and spray bottles ready, ladies.



  1. Peaches are one reason I love summer, the heat, not so much.

    I would love to see the formula to calculate the hot flash heat index. On one of the weather apps on my iPhone they have a frizz index and a mosquito index. Why not a hot flash one? :)

  2. More accurately,the HF index should indicate a range, i.e., "98 degrees today, but the HF index range makes it feel like anywhere from 122 to 305 degrees followed by spontaneous combustion..."


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